100 Word Challenge – Week 1

“Why of all days, does my family not act immobile? Could I just stitch their mouth shut?” pondered Lorelai. This little family of three were lamenting the day their haughtiness demanded for them to accept this impossible task. Three family members, whose characteristics could not be more different. “I am bored, tired, deprived of revelry…” complained Terren, the talkative brother. “You cannot be serious? We have only been here for 10 min. and you are already opening your big mouth?” interrupted Lorelai. “Children! Stop fighting between you and stay alert. For this job is…” started Bill. This was life every day…

100 Week Challenge – Week 13

All I had were dreams.

Dreams of pain and terror.

Dreams of the faces that had vibrated joy but had been broken with pain in death.

Mistakes, people, and emotions threatened to choke me.

Events replayed differently, but all ended when the tiger was blocking our escape.

An escape that could have saved my loved ones….

But only if that had happened.

Now, darkness was my friend and fire my life.

Finally, my cage was disturbed and my unconsciousness lifted.

Her silver eyes flashed open. She rose engulfed in flames and darkness. Everyone witnessed the rise of Aelin, reborn goddess.


100 Word Challenge – Week 12

Red white anger coursed through my veins causing me to furiously throw the sandwich to the floor. After I tried to maintain all of my anger inside me, I hurried to clear everything and leave no trace. This incident and many others have increased recently but nobody could know. My energetic self served as a mask or battery from where I gathered strength. Everyone manipulated and betrayed me, leaving me broken inside. However, no one suspects that I am competent enough to play their game. All they see are masks. Masks to hide the animal hiding inside me.


100 Word Challenge – Week 9

As I rose from the pavement, my gaze found a world of ghosts. As I tried to remember the past, pain overwhelmed me. Painfully, I observed my surroundings, ghosts glided by. The ground was littered by beautiful swords containing ancient words. Automatically, I reached to grasp them, but a brutal pain engulfed me. I stilled and a memory flashed. I had blood covering my hands, tears flowed, and a beautiful being laid beside me. A scream escaped my lips. Present appeared, I did not know my name, but I would fight. No. I will rise and make the Earth shudder.

100 Word Challenge – Week 8

As I walked surrounded by the blazing flame of Calanmai, my mortal heart in my reborn Fae body accelerated rapidly. If I would have been a human who had celebrated this, I would have been reduced to ashes. However, since the day the High Lords of Prythian bestow their magic to transform me, I received a kernel of their magical talents. I can control the water in which everyone is swimming in, burst in white flames, control darkness, the mind, and more. Tomorrow, my wrath will cleanse the world from evil. I am Feyre High Lady of the Night Court.






100 Word Challenge – Week 7



As the wind howled it’s anger and made the trees sway, I leaned heavily on the side of my house. Not everyone had to endure what my parents made me do. Due to the fact that I was an only girl in all of my family already 17, they wanted to put their authority over me. As the door slammed, I knew that my family had sold me in marriage. However, while my family thought I was a vulnerable girl, they did not know that I was prepared to fight. I am Boudicca, the future Warrior Queen of Celtic Tribes.


100 Word Challenge – Week 6

“The reporters of the community, The Beast Dragons, have interesting, exciting news for all inhabitants in Texas,” said Lacy cheerfully. “First of all, in the recent week, researches of the prestigious Association of Population had reported that the percentage of crimes in this specific area had decreased dramatically. However, some news have been found that this conclusion could be an erroneous one. For yesterday, boots were found floating in Lake Barrow. Even though it is not certain, but in the boots evidence was found of blood…” Lacy heard her voice extinguish as a shadow covered the entrance of the room.

Student Blogging Challenge – 4 Comments on Edublogs

Hello guys! As everyone noticed, we have at least experience in blogging, so now we need to practice our commenting skills. As a result, we had to comment in four different posts and the ones below were my comments I made.

  • Aurora’s Blog – Hi guys, I commented,”Hello Aurora. My name is Jade. I find really cool that you have 2 cats and 2 dogs. In addition, I also love animals as well and I have 3 pets: Hachy, a husky, Molly, a female Siamese mix, and Uye, the little baby of the house (female). https://jadeg2023.edublogs.org/2017/09/15/who-i-am/(In case you want to see them and know a little bit more about them.)
    I just want to say that I would be intrigued if you would put some photos of your adorable pets for everyone to see.” http://22aandre.edublogs.org/2017/09/05/hi-guys/ Aurora’s post just captivated me, because I can relate that we are animal lovers. Not only that, but it is not every day I find another pet owner that has a mixture of cats and dogs. That is simply incredible!
  • Gabbie’s Blog – About Me (1st blog post), I said,”Hey Gabbie! I am simply intrigued by the fact that you already have an idea of your possible future careers. For I know many people who do not even have an idea, including myself, of what their dream job is. Also, I simply love the introduction were you personalized it to your own style to make it unique . So, keep on being yourself no matter what!” http://gabrielleddsfh.edublogs.org/2017/06/29/about-me-1st-blog-post/ In Gabbie’s post, I first was intrigued by the way she started her introduction which was unique. Also, I was fascinated that after she broke her ankle, she actually took notice that she would want to help people in the medical field and has ideas of her future career. I believe that that was an amazing way to discover more of your passions and that she already has possible future jobs.

  • LeeAnn’s Blog – About Wolves I commented,”Hello! It seems that wolves are interesting animals. So did you know that an arctic wolf has a white-colored, thick double coat which prevents it from freezing in a cold environment? Also, did you know that the arctic wolf’s sense of hearing, smell, and sight are soo advanced that it makes them a dangerous opponent and predator?” http://22lstill.edublogs.org/2017/09/15/about-wolves/ I commented this on LeeAnn’s post because after having friends that their favorite animal is a wolf I have started to have an interest on wolves. As a result, I just wanted to share to her some of the cool facts about wolves that everyone should know.

  • Ava’s Photography – First Photography Post! I said,”Hey Ava! That is simply such a beautiful photo that you took. In other words, you are very talented so I would love to see more pictures by you. Where did you take the photo? From where did you learn to photograph such a beautiful photo that conveys what you want to show? I hope that your talent of photographing just increases more and more.” http://ava025.edublogs.org/2017/10/07/first-photography-post/ I commented on Ava’s super extraordinary picture and post because I have always admired people who can take amazing pictures such as these. As a result, I decided on commenting that she is talented. Also, it reminds me of how one of my habits is to admire masterpieces such as drawings or photographs. I was so curious to know a little more of her photos.


About Me

Hey guys it is Jade again! As you know, there are always details about life that you may be the only one who knows about your own life. As a result, I hope you learn at least a little more about me right below. Lets start. Facts about me:

  • I am 12 years old and was born March 19, 2005 in Galveston. To your information, no I was not born in the beach. (I know some people do not use logic and they believe I was born in the beach. In some cases, they assumed I was a mermaid.)
  • My family heritage I know so far is Jewish (and yes Lucas in case you are reading I am Jewish), Mexican, and Spanish.

    (Celebration of Hanukkah.)

  • I simply love knowing more about different people’s cultures. So if any of you guys have a different culture than most people than be sure to comment.
  • In addition, I have a stepdad who is 61 and he is a Peruvian. He is also part Chinese. His , I believe, great grandfather was a 100 percent Chinese who immigrate as an ambassador to Peru.
  • I also have an annoying older brother named Rene.
  • I have had all types of pets including an African Grey. If you are in my SFA class, I can witness to you that they are smart. Also, they repeat any word you tell them, say in front of them, or imitate any sound.
  • I have had only 2 dogs in my life: a adorable Doberman Pincher, Zoqui, and actually a Husky, Hachy. (Below, Zoqui was playing with my cat Minu.)
  • Hachy posing.(Hachy with my stepdad and mom.)
  • I have had 5 cats: Molly and Uye who I have right now, Minu, Chloe, and Rispa. Uye, Chloe, and Rispa are the kittens of Minu, but Chloe was given away. Unfortunately, I lost contact with her owner, and Rispa died after a horrifying fatality.
  • My friends are Josselyn, Mariela, Ruby, Jose, Christon, Gabriel, Jasmine, and more but that is for short.
  • I first meet Ruby halfway through third grade in our other school, Atkinson. This was weird, because as you guys know I am bilingual was in bilingual classes. However, my BFF did not even know Spanish and she was in another class.
  • Also, my mom is the eldest of 12 siblings counting my mom. However, only my mom and two other aunts, from which one lives in San Francisco and the other in Alvin, are married and have children of the 12.
  • I love animals or basically any creature. My favorite animals from the reptiles is the cobra, felines is tiger or lion, mythical creature is dragon, and cuteness is a giant panda or sheep.(I simply love pandas.)
  • I also love nature.
  • I may as well say that I do not adore anime but it is good.
  • My favorite sports are swimming, soccer, cross country, and maybe volleyball.
  • My soul element is fire.
  • Some of my favorite singers are Taylor Swift, Christina Perri, Shakira, Shawn Mendes, Dua Lipa, Camila Cabello, Alessia Cara and there are only the beginning.
  • Not only that, but to clarify I do not spend my whole weekend reading or doing homework. To your information, I am a human being with a life to live.
  • My actual points in AR are 269. However, do not forget I still have not taken all of the books I read this summer.
  • Some of people I know describe me as crazy, terrifying, cruel, and heartless when angry.
  • Finally, I love to write. My favorite type of writing is mysterious, adventurous, fantasy, and expository.

As seen, these facts barely graze all of my life. I hope you enjoyed and know a knew fact of me. See you later guys! Thanks for reading.

This is picture of only a small portion of my family.

100 Word Challenge – Week 4

Life could have never been more ordinary. We had stacks of homework, my cats were driving me crazy, the white fast, moving cloud  in my backyard or my dog had gone crazy completely crazy, and I was just being myself. Until, the dog was wearing glasses . It started with the mischievous shriek of my visiting cousins. After muttering to myself,” What have my cousins done to destroy the house, this time?” I simply jumped up and ran outside. My poor dog was lying on his back with his eyes enlarged by the glasses gazing at me with a tormented glance.

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